Video 7 Who We can Help

Feb 27, 2017


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Now with Offices serving Coeur d’Alene Idaho, Portland, OR, Reno NV, Las Vegas NV and Spokane Washington




Transcription of Who Can We Help

We want somebody that we can really help. Somebody that does pay their bills. They’re living right, they’re not running a scam and not paying people and don’t want to pay anybody off. You know, they have the ability and desire to pay their bills. A lot of our clients maybe have already paid their bills, they’ve still got all of the paid collections and the junk on their credit report that is inhibiting them from doing things. Those are an ideal client for us. Somebody who can’t pay their bills and they’re piling it on one end as fast as we’re cleaning it off the other. That can be difficult. That is the target that you want to see.

~ End Transcription ~