Video 5 Who We Help

Jan 3, 2017


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Transcription of Who We Help

There’s a really wide variety of people that need credit repair. People think of credit repair you think of somebody who is poor and not doing well. That’s not at all the case. Over 87% of the credit reports have serious blemishes on them. So that fits with almost everybody you see that can stand at least some improvement. For some of them it might mean they can’t buy a house, it might mean they get a little better interest rate. But, just because they’re poor doesn’t mean that’s why they’ve got bad credit. I run into a lot of very wealthy people. Their life does this too. Could be something as simple as the bookkeeper forgot to make their truck payment, happens. So don’t judge, keep an open mind when you’re looking and what the situation is and you’d be surprised who we can help.

~ End Transcription ~