Video 4 Why Repairing Your Credit is Important

Jan 4, 2017


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Transcription of Why Repairing Your Credit is Important

So now we will get on to today and today’s credit. Has anybody lost any sales this year due to a client bad credit? “Oh yeah” Only two in the room? You guys have good clients? Wow! OK, well hopefully we can help get to catch some of those back.

We have helped over 3,000 clients, to date, to improve their credit scores. We’ve gotten pretty good at it, have a little bit of practice. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to help some of yours.

We’ve got a wide variety of clients. We’ve got a gentleman out in Troudale, a contractor, who’s actually worked with us twice, unfortunately. Once was before 2008, he had some damaged credit. It impairing his ablility to run his business and so he came to us to help get his credit together. We got his credit together. He was then able to go flip houses and buy more properties. Everything went really well for him until 2009/2010 and he took the slide along with the rest of us and lo and behold he got his credit banged up again. We just finished him up about a year and a half ago for the second run, back in business doing good.

The other side of that is we’ve got smaller guys, some of our clients may even be lower income. Gas station attendant, they’re saving up for their first little house. They’ve got some dings on their credit. We can get them polished up and going. We do large scale real estate developers, helped some gentlemen, three brothers that had a big development out in Aloha. About five acres worth of multi family dwellings. They had some credit issues. When you do a project that size, a little bit of credit, a little bit of interest rate makes a really big difference.

So there’s a really wide variety of people that need credit repair. People think of credit repair you think of somebody who is poor and not doing well. That’s not at all the case! Over 87% of the credit reports have serious blemishes on them. So that fits with almost everybody you see that can stand at least some improvement. For some of them it might mean they can’t buy a house, it might mean they get a little better interest rate. But, just because they’re poor doesn’t mean that’s why they’ve got bad credit. I run into a lot of very wealthy people. Their life does this too. Could be something as simple as the bookkeeper forgot to make their truck payment, it happens.

So don’t judge them, keep an open mind when you’re looking at them and what their credit is and what their situation is and you’d be surprised who you can help. Now who we’re looking for with your clients is we want somebody that we can really help. You want somebody that does pay their bills. They’re living right, they’re not running a scam and not paying people and don’t want to pay anybody off. You know, they have the ability and desire to pay their bills. A lot of our clients maybe have already paid their bills, they’ve still got all of the paid collections and the junk on their credit report that is inhibiting them from doing things. Those are an ideal client for us. Somebody who can’t pay their bills and they’re piling it on one end as fast as we’re cleaning it off the other. That can be difficult. That is the target that you want to see.

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