Video 10 Using the Same ID Factors

Mar 21, 2017


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Transcription of Using the Same ID Factors

A credit report is compiled when you make that pull. We don’t have a credit report down at Experian, OK.
They’ve got a database. Everytime that you pull a credit report, they go into that database and they do a
query based on name, address and social security number. Any small variation of those and sometimes even no
variation may pull different information from that database. They’re not perfect. I have seen reports pulled
on the very same day that were completely different, which is really bizarre. But you’ll see little
variations. They’ll go up and down. The key to that is you want ot make sure that the information that you
are drawing on is very, very consistant. Always use the same name, same middle initial (if you use a middle
initial), same address. Keep everything as uniform as possible. If you change your name up a little bit from
one application to another, you’re creating variations in that file and it can create problems down the road.

~ End Transcription ~