All About Reno, NV

As the 150-year-old city of Reno, Nevada known as “the biggest little city in the world” continues to boom many are interested in exactly how the journey started for the jewel in the Sierra Nevada region. For Reno, named after Major General Jesse Lee Reno, a Union officer killed during the Civil War,  the journey started out uphill, and it was not until 1868 that the Central Pacific Railroad was able to expand into the steep region due to that uphill descent. May 2018 will fulfill 150 years and a landmark birthday for the city. With too many great highlights there is no way to explain or even share that which is all about Reno, but a few of the top picks of bests are fairly universal.

Even before Reno officially adopted the slogan in the late 1920’s the city had been big on the list of places to become divorced since the early 1900’s. After the building of the Reno Arch, it only made sense to make the nickname official and when things really started hopping in 1931 after gambling was legalized the label was a natural fit. In 1937 Bill Harrah opened a gambling parlor and bingo in Reno, and it served as the origin of what later came to be recognized as Harrah’s Casinos.

Work and Progress in Reno

Reno offers a wide variety of employment options for its residents and with more choices in a quickly expanding location it is one of the top spots in the nation for potential industry growth. When it comes to large employers in Reno there is no shortage of major employers. IGT, INTUIT, Wells Fargo, WalMart and the University of Nevada are only a few of the major companies which top the list. In addition to gaming, service and technology sectors are also part of the core which provides a majority of the jobs to Reno and the surrounding area. Legendary casino brands have served as a major source of jobs in the city for many decades and continue to expand as the diversification of career offerings has escalated as a result of industry-friendly policies and efforts to win over businesses.

Special incentives were provided to help companies set up production, sales centers, and corporate headquarters. Corporations benefit from the low taxation rates which are statewide Nevada windfalls due to gambling revenues. The combination of lower than average electrical cost and business tax rates in the lowest five states have helped the area soar as a top place in the country to find stable employment. Reno and Las Vegas have experienced a boom because multiple banks and finance-related firms benefit by the reduced state regulations in addition to the other lower costs.

Playtime in Reno

Reno has as much if not more to offer for those who love the great outdoors as any single area of the United States. Sitting only 15 minutes from the North end of Lake Tahoe, boating, fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, sight-seeing and nature photography are perfect. Another water-related best-of to the area is found at Wild Island waterpark just West in Sparks. There is no better way to cool off than to enjoy the giant waterslides and fun for the entire family is plentiful with miniature golf, bumper cars, video arcade and a variety of vendors to eat, drink and shop the day away. Truckee rounds out a water-related full menu with a river walk and white-water rafting for those who enjoy their water shaken and stirred at the same time.

The museum options are as diverse as it gets in Reno with “The Discovery” covering nature, science and weather in addition to instruction on the history, cultures, and people who made up Reno’s distant past. Speaking of culture, the Nevada Museum of Art is an award-winning, internationally respected resource for viewing some of the finest exhibits in the world alongside local works which include sculptures and pieces of interest as well as hands-on education. Nothing keeps things in the fast-lane of museum-related must-sees like The National Automobile Museum with over 100,000 square feet of some of the most unusual and refined cars ever produced.

Educational Excellence

Reno has nearly 70 schools, and the importance of educational excellence is one of the top priorities when it comes to budgeting and future planning to provide the very best possible centers of knowledge for the children all the way up to the University of Nevada, Reno as well as several other prestigious private colleges. With great schools and plenty of resources combined with exposure to a rich history of culture and the arts, raising a family is far simpler than in most regions of the world.

A Bit of Culture

Culture is not limited to music and the performing arts but celebrated through the years of local festivals and events like  “Burning Man.” Each year since 1990 the week before Labor Day marks the annual Burning Man Festival which takes place in the Black Rock Desert a few hours from Reno and many years of some of the most original and creative pictures, artifacts and activities have been recorded in museums and across the country. The event which started on Baker Beach in California in 1986 is designed to inspire expression in the face of survival. Wellness is celebrated as each participant practices in self-sufficiency.

Exercising – The Best Way To Play

Golf, tennis, soccer, basketball and football as well as other sports are popular in Reno. In addition to the world-class recreational gambling options, the city is proud of their professional sports franchises. The Triple A l baseball Aces are affiliated with the Major League  Diamondbacks. When it comes to basketball the Bighorns are to basketball what the Aces are to baseball, and their affiliation is with The Sacramento Kings. Reno 1868 FC is the Soccer Version of pro sports and their Major League affiliate is the San Jose Earthquakes. Whether it is played on fields, courses or courts Reno fans celebrate their loyalty and support for their brands.

When it comes to a great place to live, work and enjoy some of the best choices available in life, Reno NV seems to be holding all the best cards. With so much to offer there is no wonder the region keeps expanding by leaps and bounds. For those who want the most out of life finding out all about Reno NV might just be a game-changer.

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