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You only pay after the work is done in compliance with Federal regulations

Credit Rescue Plan

Once you’ve agreed to retain our credit repair services, we develop and implement your Credit Rescue Plan. This includes reviewing your credit reports and identifying all the things that can be done to potentially improve your scores right away. We tailor a plan specific to your needs that may include opening accounts, closing accounts, paying down balances, transferring balances or requesting credit limit increases. We know how to maximize all these factors for any situation to get a quick start on improving your credit score.

Basic Monthly Service


We will help you use the regulations in the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). To audit and clean up your credit report. Up to five accounts disputed each month with each of the three credit Bureaus. We will dispute up to 15 items each month until all are deleted or you have achieved your goals. That is less than $5 for each dispute for an individually crafted, professionally written dispute that gets proven results.

Advanced Bi-Monthly Service


All of the above twice monthly.  When you have a lot of accounts to work on or are in a real hurry this can be a valuable option.

Add Creditor Level Disputes

You will get letters sent directly to the creditors to validate collections and verify debts.  This will help create resolution and more deletions.  This is the most effective popular option by far.

We Offer the Strongest Guarantee in the industry.  You Will Receive More Improvement for Your Investment Than with any of our Competitors Monthly Rates

Our Guarantee

If there is not improvement to your reports equal to at least a minimum of one account deleted removed or improved for each Basic monthly fee collected over the course of a full twelve month period you will be refunded the difference as long as information has been provided to us as agreed to facilitate our commitment.

“We’re no longer made to feel like second class citizens.  Thanks for removing that awful stigma.”
-Rudy H

“They told me right up front that without a good credit report, I wouldn’t even be considered for this position.  Thanks to you, I have my dream job!”
-Stephen R

“Who says you have to live with bad credit?  You saved us money and embarrassment.  Godbless”
-Kamal G

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