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Ordering Your Credit Reports is Easy. You the Following Links for Assistance.  CCA will need access to your reports while improving your credit.  You get to watch your progress!


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This is a great report at a good price.  The creditor contact information is included and it updates every 30 days.

7 day free trial

Tri Merged Report
Another great service includes fast, easy verification, regular updates, all three credit scores. You can watch your credit scores go up.   Also 21.95 a month.
This service requires you to order all three bureaus one at a time.  They are more finicky with identification.  You may only get one report per year.  There are no scores. But…it is free
To Obtain Information on How to Submit Report Requests by Phone or Mail, Call or Write the Bureaus Directly at the information below.


PO Box 740241

Atlanta, GA 30374




PO Box 2104

Allen, TX 75013



Trans Union

PO Box 2000

Chester, PA 19022


*When you get your reports online be sure to record your User Name, Password, and Security Word.


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