From New Discovery to a Developed City: A Brief History of Las Vegas

Las Vegas a beautiful town in the United States; it is also the 28th most populated city in the States and the most populated city in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is a city that is widely known as being a major resort which is known for its gambling, hotels, and entertainment. However, speaking of Las Vegas is not complete without speaking of its history.

The Discovery of a New World

In 1829, Richard an Australian gave the name Las Vegas to what was an unknown territory. The naming occurred when a scout with a public convoy of sixty men under the control of a Mexican trader Antonio Armijo. He bore the responsibility of creating a trade itinerary to the town of Angels, LA. The city’s naming came from some men in the group who were from Mexico. The word “Las Vegas” means “the meadows” in Spanish.

The Claiming of a New Territory

In 1844, when Las Vegas was still under Mexican rule, the then president: President J. Tyler chose John C. Frémont to direct a set of well-educated men of science and some scouts. These group of people were Corp members from the army Not only were they, engineers, as well, but they were ready for battle with Mexico. When these men got to the Las Vegas territory, they made an encampment and created a concealed stronghold in Las Vegas.

There was a battle with Mexico, and this made it possible for the region to become a U.S territory. It is important to know that the stronghold still stands in present year as an attraction to tourists, hunters, and merchants looking for a place to stay.

The Coming of the Railroad

After some years had gone by, there was a railway that branched to Las Vegas into the town of Bullfrog and this place was usually referred to as ‘‘Tonopah & Las Vegas Railroad.’’ Or vice versa. Because of the revenues that came from the railways that ran into this place, most areas in Las Vegas grew sporadically.

The Establishment of a City and the Emergence of a Mayor

The date May 15, 1905, saw Las Vegas being established publicly as a city, and in 1911 Las Vegas was also declared as part of Clark county, with Nevada as its state. Furthermore, on Las Vegas history, the first ever mayor of the city was Peter Buol in the year 1911, and he served for about three years. After Las Vegas was made known to be part of the State of Nevada, Nevada hesitantly emerged as the final of the state in the west to stop illegal betting games.

The Growth Spurt

Las Vegas and Clark county experienced incredible growth rate beginning from the 1930s and lasted until late 2000s recession. Las Vegas, Nevada is regarded as the largest city founded in the 20th century and 28th largest city in the US, having a population of about 552,000. This growth was one that resulted in rapid development in Las Vegas history.

The Las Vegas history is a fascinating one, starting from her naming by the Mexicans to her development in the United States. Further proving shows that no empire gets built in a day.