It takes positive credit to have a great credit score.  The longer you have had credit and the more you have the better.  The easiest, least expensive credit lines to get when you start out are revolving lines. You do not need to keep a balance owing.  As a matter of fact you should not use over 30% of your revolving credit limits. Eventually you will need to develop a mix of revolving, installment and mortgage accounts to maximize your credit scores.  Let’s get you on the fast track.

Authorized User Accounts

If you have someone in your life who knows you, loves you and trusts you that has good credit the may help you fast track your credit.  This happens by them adding you to some of their existing revolving credit card accounts as an authorized user.  You do not need to posses the card or have access to the account.  You will get the credit history of their credit line on your credit report.  They should have a good long payment history on the account and never use over 30% of the credit line.  The older the account is and the higher the credit limit the better.  They just need to have the card issuer add you as a authorized user.  The card can be mailed to them and they may remove you any time.

This will help you to qualify for better credit lines of your own faster.  It is important that you do this as some of the FICO mortgage scoring models will not score authorized user accounts.

Here is a very good account start to building positive credit.  It is very easy to qualify for and has a high credit limit.

You must meet the following criteria to be reported:
  1. Be approved by the finance department
  2. Place an initial order of $100.00 or greater
  3. Digitally e-sign contracts
  4. Complete down payment

Here is a good selection of Credit Cards to get your credit started.

If you have no cards we suggest starting with a couple of secured cards.  Otherwise select offer appropriate to your credit score.

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