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One of the most amazing things about assisting people with credit problems is seeing the results, and this is true for all of the people we work with. From large-scale real estate developers to gas station attendees, Credit Consumer Auditors (CCA) does not discriminate when it comes to getting people the support they need when they’re in a financial jam. It obviously takes a big person to admit they need someone to take the reins otherwise the problem won’t be dealt in such a way that doesn’t end in catastrophe. If you’re thinking about taking that next step, learn more about who we’ve helped and what just how much it’s meant to them.

One Contractor, Two Visits

Right around the time of the banking crisis was not a great time to be a contractor. Those who loved to take older houses and fix them up were in for a terribly rude awakening. As one contractor was working hard to make someone else the home of their dreams, his credit was taking a bit of a dive. Due to this, he would wind up seeing us in 2008 where he found that CCA was able to help him get back on track. When he went back to his job, he would see that 2009 did not prove to be any more helpful in terms of getting him the business he needed to stay afloat. Demand dropped for housing, property became useless and stray animals started getting more value from abandoned structures than the people who actually needed it. However, CCA was able to step in yet again and get him back on his feet and making adjustments to ensure that homes were safe, up to code, and ready to improve the quality of life for those who would make it their own.

Doing the Right Thing

It’s a wonderful thing to see a young couple who wants to buy their first house and start a family. For many, this is the American Dream and its absolute finest. However, sometimes a lack of knowledge can either cause them to make a mistake when it comes to securing a loan, or potentially lead them to give up on their hopes altogether. This is where CCA steps in. Our company is designed to have only one motivation in mind — getting people the means to keep their credit in good standing without making costly errors. A credit repair specialist has helped those who work in lower-level service jobs figure out how to polish up their credit so they could actually get what they need at a reasonable interest rate. They have helped people with bad credit figure out ways to make their financial situation work for them without having to file for bankruptcy. It’s not easy, but for those willing to put in the effort, it can be a reality.

Now Serving Everyone

CCA can assist even the most established people within a community. For example, we met with three brothers who developed multi-family homes who were having some credit issues. By extending a small amount of assistance, we saw a major improvement for this client, and they were able to continue on their way of making developments for people to live in. As you can see, this is what we do, and we encourage you to call us if you need help. As a credit report repair company, Consumer Credit Auditors can walk you through credit repair services that work for you. Whether it’s a credit rescue plan to improve scores, or just understanding your credit report and planning your future, you can speak to a credit repair specialist who can provide you with more details!

The Long Road to Recovery Since the Banking Crisis of 2008

Part 1 of 2

When the recession hit, there were many people who acted as if it came entirely out of the blue. Of course we know that’s not true. There were some people who knew all along that it was going to happen and had the data to back it up, even when they’re warnings went unheeded for many years. The general consensus instead believed that housing simply wasn’t like other markets, mortgages were paid on a consistent enough basis that it was deemed next to impossible that it could crash the way it did — after all, who can afford to be out of their home? However, there are still many people who don’t quite understand what happened, which can make it hard to take the steps necessary to prevent it in the future. We’ll walk you through how creditors failed to do their job, and how the recovery is currently going.

An Economy Built On Air

Saying yes seemed to be the only thing that creditors could do for a few years. Despite not having a solid source of income, it made seemed to make financial sense for them to give credit to whoever wanted it. The reasoning was that there were enough hard-working honest people to make up for the few bad apples. However, the more they said yes and the more interest rates fell due to exceptionally competitive loan offers, and the more the economy started to feel the foundation start to be pulled away little by little. As people wanted more and more, they became less and less able to pay for it all. Once 2008 hit, the housing crisis and recession put plenty of people out of jobs and caused untold bankruptcies for middle class families everywhere. This put a strain on not just the adults, but also young children across the country.

A Lack of Opportunity

It’s not pure rhetoric when people say that there are few opportunities for people to find a middle class lifestyle. The upper 1% does hold much of the wealth, and there is only so much money they’re willing to spend. Couple this with outsourcing labor and the replacement of workers with machines, and it can start to feel like an uphill battle for those who don’t have very many resources. It can also make it difficult to even want a credit card based on the problems it may cause later on down the road if someone loses their job or otherwise can’t afford to pay their bills.

Not Lying Down

The economy is not all doom and gloom though. Jobs are coming back to the market, however slowly. And there are ways for people to take power back into their own hands by repairing the credit damage that has been done. It’s not up to the government to solve our problems, but rather it’s up to us to start making smarter financial decisions when it comes to managing what we have. In the next part of this blog series, we’ll take you through how a credit rescue plan designed by a credit repair specialist can make all the difference when mapping out major purchases (and even smaller ones.) For example, you may be able to use your repaired credit report as a means to find a way to buy that second car or to finance college tuition.

Consumer Credit Auditors is a credit repair company offering credit repair services to those who need it, and we are happy to speak to anyone, regardless of their current financial status.

A Road to Recovery of Your Own

As discussed in the last post, the banking crisis did a number on the economy, and only in the recent past have we begun to see any type of turnaround. There are still a number of obstacles facing middle-class families of varying skill levels in terms of finding jobs that pay what they need to survive. In this post, we’ll examine credit today and how you might start to turn your own financial situation around.

Interest Rates and Payment Plans

Most people are used to having different accounts — be it bank accounts, credit card accounts or subscription-based services (e.g., cable television, phone bills, etc.) Auto pay has made it easy for people to set up their information once, and be done with it. Interest rates and payment limits are determined by a person’s credit history, and people may surmise information about what they’re eligible for in terms of credit offers simply by trial and error. But what if there was a better way to go about it? When it comes to credit repair services, there may be more that can be done.

How It Works

If were having trouble meeting your payments on a regular basis or if you simply want to lower your overall costs each month by paying lower interest rates, you may have options available to you. All companies would prefer to get something over nothing, and bankruptcy has become an all too real threat that will ensure that companies will get no restitution for the services they’ve already provided (e.g., credit cards, utilities.) Bankruptcy is a serious matter though. Even when you factor in the many people who felt they had no other choice to do so back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, the consequences are still severe. It affects credit for up to 10 years, and can kill the dream of buying property, a new car or paying for college during that time. Also, if you have any other type of financial problems during that 10 years (which we’ve seen time and again), it can perpetuate your credit problems further on down the line. Even when it seems like all of the odds are stacked against you, as right now it very well may be, there are ways to start making headway when it comes to your credit scores. There’s no doubt that this will take work and sacrifice on your part, from the moment you admit you have a problem to the moment you realize you’ll need to make some changes to your lifestyle, but simply living in fear is no way to live.

Credit Scores and a Credit Rescue Plan

A credit rescue plan may be just what you need to start taking control of your credit report once again, and you don’t have to go it alone. A credit repair specialist can start looking at the numbers, making the right calls and turning lemonades into something a little sweeter to the taste. Good guidance can mean better credit in months instead of 7 years. The right credit repair services can provide you with the means to accelerate your credit recovery so you can hold your head high when you make purchases like houses and cars and help you get a interest rate that will save you money. Consumer Credit Auditors is a credit repair company that can help you start to forget the banking crisis ever happened, and start helping you look towards what the future may bring. Call us today for more information about how we’ve made that happen for people from every walk of life do just that!

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