Get Ready for More Loan Approvals Lenders!

Consumer Credit Auditors has worked closely with lenders over the years and has successfully helped in raising their application approvals for conventional mortgage loans, FHA, Auto and more.  It all revolves around credit reports!  Today’s standards can even be more difficult than previously thought.  Investor overlays push the minimum FICO score on FHA loans on average to 580, up from the federal minimum of 500 (though they are loosening by a fraction).  Many applicants will naturally be denied.  Consumer Credit Auditors can help repair those poor credit ratings and allow for a better percentage to you, the lender, of approved loans!

As recent as 2015, conventional purchase loan applications polled were claiming they had been denied on traditional loan applications with credit scores of up in the 730’s!  For these higher credit score markets, the score was not the problem as much as the credit report and the history.  Many instances displayed something so little as an $8 dollar unpaid utility bill that had gone unnoticed.  Consumer Credit Auditors can help resolve these in an effort not only to repair the credit rating but to assist the lender to be able to approve the loans.

This is How the Top Lenders in the Country are able to Write so Many Loans!

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