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Help with credit score repair. We have created a new paradigm in credit repair utilizing Quantum Matrix Dispute Technology to help you with credit repair. Why do you want this? The answer is quite simple.  Everybody wants an easy credit repair process that will give you fast, effective results.  Quantum dispute technology sets a precedent that holds credit bureaus and information  furnishers accountable for the information they are publishing on your credit report. If they do not delete the information or correct it to maximum possible accuracy you will have the proper documentation necessary to hold them accountable in a court of law. This means you can force them to remove the information and they have to pay you for your trouble. This method of credit clean up is revolutionizing the credit repair industry and your credit report.

Read carefully between the lines. You can get paid for correcting errors on your credit report.

Why has it come to this? Because after 25 years in the credit services industry we have seen credit reporting agencies become more and more insolent and unresponsive to the rights of consumers. it has come to the point where they are only looking at 3 out of 10  communications from consumers about concerns on their credit report as reported by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. And they don’t do anything about most of those. This is blatantly against the law and the federal regulatory agencies are not doing their job to reel them in. This has made our job as your credit services organization progressively more and more difficult. Writing letters that nobody was responding to has become a wasteful exercise in futility.  The old maxim of if they don’t respond in 30 days they have to remove it sounds great. But the fact is they don’t. Yet most credit help companies persist in taking consumers money for an exercise that is not working well. Something had to be done so we chose to do it for you. You get the benefits.
Help with credit repair. Traditionally credit repair companies and credit fixers would attempt to do credit clean up by repeatedly challenging information on your credit report a. For a number of years this would work very effectively to help with credit repair. Unfortunately this has clearly changed and the traditional credit helpers have become consistently unhelpful. We all know the definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
So how does this new technology help with your credit score repair? Your credit scores are calculated based on the positive and negative information on your credit reports.  We have found in our audits almost all accounts being reported on credit reports contain errors and or omissions. This does not meet the Federal Standards of maximum possible accuracy. If you identify the negative factors on your report and properly request the credit bureaus to correct these errors and omissions to the maximum possible accuracy as required by law when they fail to do so they are obligated to remove that account.  When they fail to correct or delete the credit reporting agencies become liable for damages and legal fees. Our arbitration experts and legal team love these cases. They get paid by the credit bureaus and data furnishers to help you get paid.. So the fact that they regularly fail to perform a re-investigation can be a source of great frustration or it can be leveraged to your advantage to help with your credit clean up AND put money in your pocket.
Effective credit clean up requires a detailed audit of all the errors on every account prepared in such a way that it can be used to request a proper re-investigation and then in arbitration or a court proceeding to force them to comply with the laws and regulations that were put in place to protect you. The Metro2 reporting guide established by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) to bring the industries reporting procedures into compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (FCRA).    Quantum Matrix Dispute Technology identifies one hundred different fields with three hundred and seventy four variations of fill to audit for compliance. This is the brass ring. This is what can put you in control. Once the Credit Bureaus and data furnishers are notified of these errors they must correct the account to MAXIMUM possibe accuracy or delete the account. If they fail to do this their liability opens up and the legal team takes over.
You can do this credit report repair yourself or hire one of the rare qualified credit help companies or attorneys to assist with this credit clean up.  We will first show you how to do this yourself.  Then we will show you how to evaluate credit help companies if you decide you want assistance with your credit report repair.
If you feel like you are ready to go select the free consultation or get started below.  Otherwise continue to the next pages to learn more.

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