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Help with credit score repair. Bad things can happen to good people.  Life events can sometimes conspire to interfere with our best efforts to have good credit scores. Things like:

  • Divorce

  • Health issues

  • Accidents

  • Job Loss

  • Economic changes

  • Family issues

  • Natural disasters 

  • Lack of proper financial education

  • Other times we simply make mistakes.  We like to refer to these as learning opportunities.


These unfortunate life events can result in negative actions like:

  • Credit Fraud

  • Unauthorized Inquiries

  • Utilization of debt (high balances on revolving accounts)

  • Late payments

  • Collections

  • Charge offs

  • Repossessions

  • Foreclosures

  • Short sales

  • Bankruptcies

  • Lack of active credit history

To help you overcome these issues and move on we have created a new paradigm in credit repair utilizing Quantum Dispute Technology to help you with credit repair. Why do you want this? The answer is quite simple, Everybody wants an easy credit repair process that will give you fast, effective results.  Quantum dispute technology sets a precedent that holds credit bureaus and information  furnishers accountable for the information they are publishing on your credit report. If they do not delete the information or correct it to maximum possible accuracy you will have the proper documentation necessary to hold them accountable in a court of law.  We have a team of attorneys across the country that like these cases. This means you can force them to remove the information and they have to pay you for your trouble. This method of credit clean up is revolutionizing the credit repair industry and your credit report.


You pay based on results, Pay for Delete!
You may also get paid for correcting errors on your credit report.
Some clients walk away with more cash in their pockets.
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